Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Battle of Big Castle

The Ogres, having been defeated at Blackrock pass, returned to Big Castle, only to find it surrounded by the forces of Khemerkhet. Averin Seven fingers had that never-say-die spirit and ordered the charge, unable to wait for his full army to arrive.

The Skorpion and Carrion of the Pharoah's host were the first to strike at the footsore Ogres.

The Pharoah exhorts his undead host to great action, the silent shouts of his ancient, desiccated tongue urging his forces forward even as the heirophant utters the magicks to make his will into action.

The Ogres, even their great hearts slowing, sputtering, and stopping with the poisons of the ancient asps administered by repeated blows, fall like wheat before the bronze scythes of Khemerkhet. Surrounded, they are eventually wiped out to an Ogre. Averin himself is felled, and the Moongazer Tribe of Ogres is wiped out as a power in the Rittermark.

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Battle of Clover Dale

The Mighty host of Lord Baldwin bears down on the overconfident Rockjaws.

Bloodfist's Band awaits Lord Baldwin and his entourage, confident in their defenses.

The Grail knights and Lord Baldwin Himself prepare to charge the Orc Boyz.

The band of Squeelers fail to make themselves useful, squabbling amongst themselves over "'Ooo 'as da wikkedest teef."

The knights' thunderous charge carries through the boyz like a knife through butter, and slams through the black Orc regiment behind, leaving Bloodfist to face the wrath of both regiments of knights alone with his chariot.

Bloodfist, challenging Lord Baldwin to single combat, is defeated. His loyal charioteer flees with the bleeding body of his master, closely pursued by Lord Baldwin's host.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Round Seven

Round seven was filled with battles and reversals. The Battle of Blackrock Pass proved the undoing of the Moongazers, as Averin seven-fingers and his troops retreated to Big Castle, only to find it beseiged by the forces of Khemerkhet. The battle, called the battle of Big Castle, proved the end of the Moongazer Tribes.
Khemerkhet, however, suffered a major reversal of their own, as Schwartzewasser finally entered the fray and wiped out the garrison of the Citadel of Anohktos.
Bloodfist's Band, of the Rockjaws, faced Lord Baldwin and entourage, only to be soundly crushed at the battle of Clover Dale.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Battle of Blackrock Pass

The orcs, flush from looting the capital settlement of the Moongazers, march, unaware they are watched from the mountains by Moongazers thirsting for vengeance.
The Rockjaws, who had marched a great deal in order to loot Ogreville, were attacked on the march, the massive Ogres of the Moongazers thundering down from the darkness of Blackrock pass to fall on the greenskins for their crimes.

'Ardrot Glowfang spent much of his time punishing those Ogres that came close enough for him to charge. Despite the fear that penetrated his rage on one occasion, and caused him to fail to charge and then fail to hit, he managed to cut down to size or entirely eliminate several regiments of the outsized Moongazers while their lord was distracted pursuing a large unit of Orc Boyz that happened to cross his path.

One regiment of Ogres with their Lord and a Bruiser, managed to charge down on a regiment of Boyz, trampling many. Loud were the screams of the Ocs as they were rendered down into nibbles for the Great Maw that Rules All. The Boyz could not take much of that and broke, fleeing in terror.

Soon enough, the orc boyz recovered their taste for battle, forming up again, only to flee again once attacked again. The Tyrant, Averin charged the Rock Lobba, causing the goblins manning it to flee in terror, despite the bully's exhortations that they stand and fight the 900 pound monstrosity bearing down on them.

The Leadbelchers let loose a blast of their gunz, or would have, but one misfired, nearly killing himself and his compatriot. The other leadeblcher aimed and carefully fired his cannon, grunting about "Spider, Da udder udder white meat." and pulping no less than six of the arachnids and their riders. Again the Bruiser and his Bulls charged the Boyz and broke them once and for all even as the crew of the rock lobba were whipped back into line by the bully, only to get in the way of the Orc Big Unz.

As darness fell, Lord Glowfang killed a few more Bulls, adding their heads to his collection. The remaining Moongazers could not close with the Rockjaws before the end of teh battle, and the Averin was forced to quit the field in dejection.

Round Six

At the outset of Round 6 of the Rittermark War, many empires have yet to fight a battle. The Ogres, having eaten dinner instead of fighting the Rockjaws last round, made a grave error, and left their capital unprotected. The Rockjaws pounced on their Capital settlement, looting and burning. Mustering the Tribes, Averin Seven-fingers called both banners that were his to command and attacked the greenskins. The result was the Battle of Blackrock Pass.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Round Five

Round five saw very little action as the Rockjaws made a try for the Ogres, with the resulting battle a Draw. Everyone continues to expand and vie for position, with few battles being offered. There is a New Grand Git in the Rittermark, having slain all other possible claimants to the throne. Schwartzewasser built a second settlement, and the Rockjaws built Fort Middlefang.

The Battle of Sandy Ford

In round five, the Rockjaws made a try for the Moongazers, attacking into Sandy Ford.

The Rockjawz along with chief Glowfang, charged south and into the lands of the Ogres, only to have difficulty finding the Moongazers on the field of battle. The spider Riders did find them, cowering between a mountain and Sand Ford in fear of the ferocious rock lobba the Rockjaws had brought with them.

The Rockjaw's shaman urged his boar forward alongside the spider riders, casting Waagh magicks every round, yet failing to harm the hardy Ogres. The Rockjaws' spider riders shot arrow after arrow at the Ogres, who plucked the arrows from their thick hides and picked their teeth, taunting the goblins, who charged forward, ful of the Waaagh, only to flee in stark terror once the Ogres stepped from behind the defensive wall they had thrown up and charged them.

As night fell the Ogres went back to eating, and the Orcs retired, bewildered and disappointed that the Ogres did not offer battle

The Battle of Highwood

In Round three, the Grand Git of the Night Goblins of Whitecap Mountain attacked the Elves with two of their banners, screaming hordes of them issuing from the wilderness. They outnumbered the freakishly clean elves by more than double, and the squigs were ravenous. the Grand Git was ready for some stompin, and brought all the boyz with 'im.

The battle was hard fought and both generals led their troops admirably. Animosity plagued the Grand Git, as well as just plain bad luck. Fanatics careening through their own troops, squig herds breaking from missile fire. Fanatics and threir hard balls denting but failing to penetrate the heavy armor of the Silver Helms.

The Mistborne Host used the terrain to good effect. The Silver Helms and the hero who led them in battle struck again and again, charging the Grand Git on his chariot, and shattering any goblins who got in their way, but only at great cost, as all of them were lost after killing the Git in a gallant charge.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Round Four

Expansion, expansion, expansion. A castle built by the Moongazer Ogres, of all factions. A settlement constructed by Scwhwartzewasser. The Rockjaws attacked south into the Moongazers' lands.

The Battle of Highwood

The battle of Highwood, just before the final crushing of the goblin hordes. The silver helms of the Mistborne Host destroyed themselves in charge after charge into the numberless hordes of night goblins, sacrificing themselves to defeat the Grand Git, slaying him in a gallant charge.

Round 3

In Round three, everyone continued to expand. Only the Gitz of White Cap Mount'n and their Grand Git getting 'stuck in' with the funny smellin' elvses of the Mistborne. Outnumbered by a factor of almost two, the Mistborne stood their ground...

Round 2

The second round saw everyone racing to expand, at least one hex at a time.

Round 1 of the Rittermark War

Round One of the War saw furious building, and little else. This is the map after the first round
was complete. Note the great number of mines built, and little else. This map is the result.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Petty Empires of The Rittermark

Manifold are the petty kingdoms and pocket empires that have risen and fallen in the Border Princes over the ages since the coming of Man. One small corner of that region, known as the Rittermark, gave rise, in 2022, to a harsh conflict that lasted some time. Dark were the battles, and savage the cost, but one power rose to rule the Rittermark.

Petty lords of the differing species that inhabit the lands that make up the 'Mark made an attempt to rule one another and that wilderness of forests and mountains. They began with naked ambition, a small but loyal army, and a settlement of modest size. These were the powers that began their quest to rule all of the Rittermark in the Spring of 2022:

Player: David /Griffin
Army: Orcs and Goblins
Color: Green
Lord: ‘Ardrot Glowfang, Chief of The Rockjawz
Empire: Da Rockjawz of Rocky-Top Mount’n

Player: Dan
Army: Orcs and Goblins
Color: White
Lord: Mungrat Stuntybasha, Grand Git uf da' Stompin' Gitz uf Wite Cap Mount'n
Empire: Stompin' Gitz uf Wite Cap Mount'n

Player: Ken
Army: Tomb Kings
Color: Orange
Lord: Amon-Thoth
Empire: Kingdom of Khemerkhet

Player: Erik
Army: High Elves
Color: Blue
Lord: Mithluin the Archmage

Empire: The Mistborne Host

Player: Max
Army: Empire
Color: Purple
Lord: Magnus Sigmarsson
Empire: Schwartzewasser

Player: Jason
Army: Bretonnian
Color: Red
Lord: Lord Baldwin

Empire: Bretonnians

Player: Gary
Army: Ogre Kingdoms
Color: Yellow
Lord: Six Finger Aravin, Gutlord
Empire: Moongazer Tribes of The Sabrecrag Peaks

Monday, September 3, 2007


The Rittermark War is a map-based Warhammer Fantasy Battles campaign using the Mighty Empires set and a rules set concocted by me with the invaluable assistance of several of my friends.

The setting is that of a corner of the Border Princes called the Rittermark. More on the Rittermark next week.

The inaugural campaign will consist of eight participants and the first tactical battles will be fought on the evening of Wednesday, September 26th, 2007. Black Diamond Games will be hosting play.

The Rittermark War Site will be updated weekly with photos and other information from and for the players as well as any others interested in Warhammer, the campaign, and the play that takes place at Black Diamond Games.