Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Battle of Sandy Ford

In round five, the Rockjaws made a try for the Moongazers, attacking into Sandy Ford.

The Rockjawz along with chief Glowfang, charged south and into the lands of the Ogres, only to have difficulty finding the Moongazers on the field of battle. The spider Riders did find them, cowering between a mountain and Sand Ford in fear of the ferocious rock lobba the Rockjaws had brought with them.

The Rockjaw's shaman urged his boar forward alongside the spider riders, casting Waagh magicks every round, yet failing to harm the hardy Ogres. The Rockjaws' spider riders shot arrow after arrow at the Ogres, who plucked the arrows from their thick hides and picked their teeth, taunting the goblins, who charged forward, ful of the Waaagh, only to flee in stark terror once the Ogres stepped from behind the defensive wall they had thrown up and charged them.

As night fell the Ogres went back to eating, and the Orcs retired, bewildered and disappointed that the Ogres did not offer battle

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