Friday, September 21, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Petty Empires of The Rittermark

Manifold are the petty kingdoms and pocket empires that have risen and fallen in the Border Princes over the ages since the coming of Man. One small corner of that region, known as the Rittermark, gave rise, in 2022, to a harsh conflict that lasted some time. Dark were the battles, and savage the cost, but one power rose to rule the Rittermark.

Petty lords of the differing species that inhabit the lands that make up the 'Mark made an attempt to rule one another and that wilderness of forests and mountains. They began with naked ambition, a small but loyal army, and a settlement of modest size. These were the powers that began their quest to rule all of the Rittermark in the Spring of 2022:

Player: David /Griffin
Army: Orcs and Goblins
Color: Green
Lord: ‘Ardrot Glowfang, Chief of The Rockjawz
Empire: Da Rockjawz of Rocky-Top Mount’n

Player: Dan
Army: Orcs and Goblins
Color: White
Lord: Mungrat Stuntybasha, Grand Git uf da' Stompin' Gitz uf Wite Cap Mount'n
Empire: Stompin' Gitz uf Wite Cap Mount'n

Player: Ken
Army: Tomb Kings
Color: Orange
Lord: Amon-Thoth
Empire: Kingdom of Khemerkhet

Player: Erik
Army: High Elves
Color: Blue
Lord: Mithluin the Archmage

Empire: The Mistborne Host

Player: Max
Army: Empire
Color: Purple
Lord: Magnus Sigmarsson
Empire: Schwartzewasser

Player: Jason
Army: Bretonnian
Color: Red
Lord: Lord Baldwin

Empire: Bretonnians

Player: Gary
Army: Ogre Kingdoms
Color: Yellow
Lord: Six Finger Aravin, Gutlord
Empire: Moongazer Tribes of The Sabrecrag Peaks

Monday, September 3, 2007


The Rittermark War is a map-based Warhammer Fantasy Battles campaign using the Mighty Empires set and a rules set concocted by me with the invaluable assistance of several of my friends.

The setting is that of a corner of the Border Princes called the Rittermark. More on the Rittermark next week.

The inaugural campaign will consist of eight participants and the first tactical battles will be fought on the evening of Wednesday, September 26th, 2007. Black Diamond Games will be hosting play.

The Rittermark War Site will be updated weekly with photos and other information from and for the players as well as any others interested in Warhammer, the campaign, and the play that takes place at Black Diamond Games.