Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Battle of Blackrock Pass

The orcs, flush from looting the capital settlement of the Moongazers, march, unaware they are watched from the mountains by Moongazers thirsting for vengeance.
The Rockjaws, who had marched a great deal in order to loot Ogreville, were attacked on the march, the massive Ogres of the Moongazers thundering down from the darkness of Blackrock pass to fall on the greenskins for their crimes.

'Ardrot Glowfang spent much of his time punishing those Ogres that came close enough for him to charge. Despite the fear that penetrated his rage on one occasion, and caused him to fail to charge and then fail to hit, he managed to cut down to size or entirely eliminate several regiments of the outsized Moongazers while their lord was distracted pursuing a large unit of Orc Boyz that happened to cross his path.

One regiment of Ogres with their Lord and a Bruiser, managed to charge down on a regiment of Boyz, trampling many. Loud were the screams of the Ocs as they were rendered down into nibbles for the Great Maw that Rules All. The Boyz could not take much of that and broke, fleeing in terror.

Soon enough, the orc boyz recovered their taste for battle, forming up again, only to flee again once attacked again. The Tyrant, Averin charged the Rock Lobba, causing the goblins manning it to flee in terror, despite the bully's exhortations that they stand and fight the 900 pound monstrosity bearing down on them.

The Leadbelchers let loose a blast of their gunz, or would have, but one misfired, nearly killing himself and his compatriot. The other leadeblcher aimed and carefully fired his cannon, grunting about "Spider, Da udder udder white meat." and pulping no less than six of the arachnids and their riders. Again the Bruiser and his Bulls charged the Boyz and broke them once and for all even as the crew of the rock lobba were whipped back into line by the bully, only to get in the way of the Orc Big Unz.

As darness fell, Lord Glowfang killed a few more Bulls, adding their heads to his collection. The remaining Moongazers could not close with the Rockjaws before the end of teh battle, and the Averin was forced to quit the field in dejection.

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