Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Battle of Big Castle

The Ogres, having been defeated at Blackrock pass, returned to Big Castle, only to find it surrounded by the forces of Khemerkhet. Averin Seven fingers had that never-say-die spirit and ordered the charge, unable to wait for his full army to arrive.

The Skorpion and Carrion of the Pharoah's host were the first to strike at the footsore Ogres.

The Pharoah exhorts his undead host to great action, the silent shouts of his ancient, desiccated tongue urging his forces forward even as the heirophant utters the magicks to make his will into action.

The Ogres, even their great hearts slowing, sputtering, and stopping with the poisons of the ancient asps administered by repeated blows, fall like wheat before the bronze scythes of Khemerkhet. Surrounded, they are eventually wiped out to an Ogre. Averin himself is felled, and the Moongazer Tribe of Ogres is wiped out as a power in the Rittermark.

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