Friday, November 9, 2007

The Battle of Clover Dale

The Mighty host of Lord Baldwin bears down on the overconfident Rockjaws.

Bloodfist's Band awaits Lord Baldwin and his entourage, confident in their defenses.

The Grail knights and Lord Baldwin Himself prepare to charge the Orc Boyz.

The band of Squeelers fail to make themselves useful, squabbling amongst themselves over "'Ooo 'as da wikkedest teef."

The knights' thunderous charge carries through the boyz like a knife through butter, and slams through the black Orc regiment behind, leaving Bloodfist to face the wrath of both regiments of knights alone with his chariot.

Bloodfist, challenging Lord Baldwin to single combat, is defeated. His loyal charioteer flees with the bleeding body of his master, closely pursued by Lord Baldwin's host.

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